Failure Rate of Methotrexate for Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy at Lampang Hospital

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Kittipat Tuitemwong
Darin Arora


Background: Ectopic pregnancy can be treated non-operatively with methotrexate (MTX) medication. The failure rate of MTX treatment for ectopic pregnancy has not been investigated at Lampang Hospital.
Objectives: To determine the failure rate and factors associated with treatment failure in ectopic pregnancy with MTX at Lampang Hospital.
Material and methods: A descriptive study was conducted on 52 women diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy and treated with MTX at Lampang Hospital between June 2012 and June 2022. Patients were categorized into the failure group and the success group. The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and compared between the two groups.
Results: There were 44 cases in the success group (84.6%) and 8 cases in the failure group (15.4%). The median value of the initial serum B-hCG level in the failure group was significantly higher than that of the success group (4,892 [IQR 1,946−12,713] vs.1,433 [IQR 638−4,091] mIU/ml, p<0.001). The median duration of treatment until resolution in the success group was 27 days (IQR 20−38.5, range 13−137 days).
Conclusion: The overall failure rate of MTX treatment for ectopic pregnancy was 15.4%. The failure group had a significantly higher initial serum B-hCG level than the success group.

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