Combined Periodontal Surgery and Orthodontic Traction for Permanent Impacted Maxillary Central Incisor: a Case Report

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Watanyou Intachai


Impacted central incisors cause disturbances in both occlusion and esthetics. Orthodontics is a challenging choice of treatment besides of surgical removal. The author reported a case of 13-year old girl with permanent impacted maxillary left central incisor.
Periodontal surgery was performed by displacement or open approach to adequately expose the impaction. Orthodontic appliance was fixed onto the tooth for subsequent traction. Five months postoperatively, the tooth was successfully positioned in the proper alignment and the overlying gingiva completely healed.


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Intachai, W. (2022). Combined Periodontal Surgery and Orthodontic Traction for Permanent Impacted Maxillary Central Incisor: a Case Report. Lampang Medical Journal, 33(1), 69–77. Retrieved from
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