Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Scrotal Disorders in Chiang Rai Regional Hospital

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Pagamard Yatha


Background : Ultrasonography is an important tool for diagnosis of scrotal disorders. Besides of the ability to evaluate anatomy and perfusion in real time, it saves cost and time without radiation exposure.
Objective : To determine the accurracy of ultrasonography in diagnosis of scrotal disorders in Chiang Rai Regional Hospital.
Material and method : A cross-sectional descriptive study was carried out between July 2010 and December 2011 in 97 male, aged ≥13 years, with scrotal problems who underwent grayscale and color Doppler ultrasonography in Chiang Rai Regional Hospital. The clinical data was retrospectively reviewed. Diagnostic test analysis was obtained to compare with the operative findings and pathologic results.
Results : The mean age was 47.0±22.8 years (range, 13-84). 78 patients (80.4%) presented with scrotal pain and 19 patients (19.6%) presented with painless scrotal swelling or abnormal mass. The final diagnoses were epididymo-orchitis (39), epididymis (8), scrotal sac abscess (5), hydrocele (17), testicular trauma (12), testicular tumor (6), epididymal cyst (4), extratesticular varicocele (3) and testicular torsion (3). Ultrasonography yielded 91.7-100% sensitivity, 97.8-100% specificity, 75-100% positive predictive value, 96.7-100% negative predictive value and 97-100% accuracy.
Conclusion : Ultrasonography was the highly accurate and reliable method for evaluating scrotal disorders.


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