Use of Experiential Learning Theory to Develop a Skill Training Program for Operating Room Nurses in Off-pump Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

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Wipada Suprasuwankul
Kedsaraporn Udkunta
Boonsap Sakboon


Background: Empowering competency of cardiovascular operating room (OR) nurse is important and takes several months for training, leading to the personnel shortage.

Objective: To develop a training program for OR nurse assisting off-pump coronary artery bypass (OPCAB) surgery by the experiential learning theory in Lampang Hospital and evaluate its outcomes.

Materials and Methods: Research and development of training program for OR nurse was obtained during March to July 2021 in patients underwent OPCAB. Three trainers (above-5-years experienced cardiovascular OR nurses) and
8 trainee nurses participated this program. Trainees’ knowledge, competency and satisfaction were evaluated.

Results: The mean age of trainees was 25.1 years and OR experience was 2.3 years. After finishing 4-weeks training period, they could prepare and deliver surgical instruments at average of 2.5 days (SD 1.3) by supervision and 3.5 days
(SD 2.1) without supervision. All trainees passed the competency evaluation with a mean score of 94.9 (SD 5.5). Knowledge score improved form 72.9 (SD 8.6) to 90.0 (SD 7.4, (p<0.001). They were satisfied with the program at a
score of 79.5 (SD 6.9). No surgical site infection, posture injuries and residue in the surgical patient were observed.

Conclusion: This experiential learning program could improve the nursing knowledge and skills for assisting the OPCAB surgery. It could shorten the training period and satisfy the trainees without increasing the patients’
adverse events.


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Suprasuwankul, W., Udkunta, K. ., & Sakboon, B. . (2022). Use of Experiential Learning Theory to Develop a Skill Training Program for Operating Room Nurses in Off-pump Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery. Lampang Medical Journal, 43(1), 33–37. Retrieved from
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