Standardized Operation Map for Communication in Construction Practices


  • Sitthisak Phuysopha Faculty of Industrial Technology Sakonnakon Rajabhat University


Standard Operation Map, Communication, Construction


Delays in the construction industry is resulted from the operation plan that is not standardized and lack of good communication. As a result, the actual operation did not meet the objectives of time, cost, and quality.  Therefore, a standardized planning and a good communication are the keys that help reduce such problems. This research aims to create a Standardized Operation Map of GUYMAST TrueGif tower installation process, by using Value Stream Mapping Management (VSM) as a planning tool with the purpose of reducing wastes, eliminating non-value adding activities in the process, and determining a new better working method. This operation map is performed by creating the standardized map according to Lean concepts. From the study, by using the Standardized Operation Map as an operation guideline, it can help reduce the duration of the original operation by about 540 minutes/station by changing the working method and the installation method. Furthermore, it helps facilitate employees so that they better understand the overall performance of each activity and also helps reduce the causes of inappropriate communication. As a result, this enable a continuous work flow of the process and reduces delays such that the production cost of the project is decreased which help provide benefits to customers and the company. 


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