Commercial Aviation: Social and Environmental Issues


  • Sutit Huangsuwan School of Aviation , Eastern Asia University
  • Boonmee Chansawat School of Aviation, Eastern Asia University
  • Kamol Noitonglek School of Aviation , Eastern Asia University


commercial aviation, global warming, air pollution, greenhouse effect


Commercial aviation is an economic activity with a high rate of growth. There are several benefits to the well-being of people around the world. However, what commercial aviation causes social and environmental problems is air pollution that affects livelihoods and flight operations. The solution that airlines adopted is to reduce the fuel consumption of aircraft by using high-efficiency aircraft or using environmentally friendly fuels and arranging direct flights which affect the investment of the airline. For air travellers, refraining from air travelling, online working, travelling on an economy flight, and using trains are contributions based on their preferences. For governmental agencies, promoting domestic travel by train is a must with international flights. Airports and airlines are responsible for noise and water pollution to reach international standards with close cooperation from all parties of stakeholders.


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