School Health Services: The Operating Model that Facilitates Community Health Nursing Practicum


  • Tatiya Tumsen School of Nursing Eastern Asia University


school health service; the operating model; community health nursing practicum


School health service is a component of School health (school health service, school environment, health education and building good relationships between schools, homes and communities). This article aims to implement the operating model under the 2019 coronavirus pandemic situations by nursing students in community health nursing practicum as follow (1) Screening students who are at risk of contracting the virus corona 2019, if there is no problem (without symptom), go to the next step. If there is a problem (with symptom), isolate the case to room quarantine, assess the risk of contracting coronavirus 2019. If there is a low risk, gives advice, observe symptoms, inform teachers and parents to take care of them. If it is found to be at moderate to high risk, notify teachers, parents and refer them for further care. (2) This step for students who are without symptoms from virus corona 2019 screening: register, orientation how to do the health appraisal: (3) child growth assessment by age, weight and height (4) ten basic health check positions (5) Hearing screening and (6) vision screening, which is a proactive service that facilitates nursing students who implement nursing process and knowing student, who has any health problems that can be used to plan health prevention and health promotion which enhancing school-age children to care themselves to be a healthy lifestyle in schools and involved in the provision of school health services and the effectiveness of the programs.




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