Tests of The Luminous Performance of LED Lamps and Solar Panels for Street Lighting

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Pongsawat Kotchapoom
Patiphan Kerdlap
Thanakorn Namhormchan
Yaowapa Pathomsirikul
Ream Saijam


The objective of this research aimed to develop and build a virtual illuminance model of streetlights, which considered the difference of luminance and illuminance between fluorescent 36 W and Light Emitting Diodes--LED streetlights. The location of the study was the main street in Eastern Asia University, where illuminance were insufficient in some areas. Therefore, LED Streetlights with 20, 50 and 100 W were chosen to replace high-intensity fluorescent 36-watt lights to save energy. As a result, LED Streetlights with 100W were used to improve streetlights’ performance. A street lighting model was designed in the DIALux program to improve the light performance indices, including illuminance, luminance, and compliance to Thai highway light standards. There were types of street including Direct road with a traffic island. For experimental results, LED streetlights with 100W gave a better overall light performance than LED Streetlights with 50 W, 20 W on the street of Eastern Asia University.


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