Health Care for the Elderly

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Pakjira Pusomsri
Sathukarn Kabcum


Elderly health care is extremely important in Thai society that is scruple approach to the aging society. Since, the elderly population has increased and tends to live longer. Therefore, family and community should be understanding the difference of age and good attitude. Including., elderly health care were live happiness and good life quality. To result in, they are independence to do anything according to indulge. Even, if the elderly are physically deteriorated. Elderly health care should adjust the care to be flexible and try to allow the elders to be able to live on their own. For daily activities and things by yourself as much as possible and relying on others as little as possible. Expected guideline for Aging society people take care yourself. That is 1.Food and nutrition for the elderly 2.Exercise suitable for the elderly. 3.Caring for the emotions, thoughts and minds of the elders 4.Adapting to a safe home and environment for the elders. The elderly learn their transformation in an understandable, relaxed and happiness. As well as, being able to apply knowledge to take care of the physical and mental health in daily life. Properly encourage the elders to take care of themselves. Moreover, to lighten burden family. Finally, The will result in elders good quality of life and to continue living in Thai society with value and dignity.


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