Development of Soap Shower Sheet Containing Economic Rice Bran Oil for Adding Skin Moisture

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Juntarat Jaricksakulchai
Ratthapol Sillaparassamee
Chadaporn Sronwijit
Daruni Likul
Siraprapa Kaewpreecha
Nookai Ngaewgootur


This experimental research aimed to develop the soap shower sheet for adding skin moisture and study product using satisfaction of the experimental group. The moisturizers as coconut oil, rice bran oil and aloe vera extract were added in the product. Twenty-three experimental volunteers with skin healthy tested product in 2 weeks and measured skin moisture level by using the Corneometer® CM 825 after product test 15 mins, 1 week and 2 weeks on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday including product using satisfaction of testers. The results showed that the skin moisture of experimental volunteers were increased after 2 weeks with statistically significance at 95% confident interval. The skin moisture of 22 experimental volunteers increased in 11.56%-87.74%. The relationship between the percentage of increasing skin moisture and Satisfaction of the experimental volunteers were not related, which may be the volunteers cannot feel the increasing of skin moisture in a short time. Results of this study can used to develop the soap shower sheet for adding skin moisture for the elderly or dry skin patients.


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