Factors and Food Consumption Behavior in Obesity of Undergraduate in Nakhonratchasima College, Nakhonratchasima Province

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Kumpanat Khamsuk
Jariya Saowiang
Banyen Larnphukeaw
Prarichat On-Ong-Arj
Pornthip Chaisawang


The aims of this study were to explore the factors and food consumption behavior in obesity of undergraduate in Nakhonratchasima College, Nakhonratchasima Province. Data collection was done the 152 volunteer undergraduate students using the questionnaire. Results of the study show that students 25.66 percentages, obese class I 9.87, obese class II 12.50 and obese class III 3.29. It was found that the factors such as exercise and family and food consumption behavior such as eating foods that contain high sugar, fat and salty foods show an impact obesity in undergraduate students.



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