The The Development of a Coordinate System for Medical Tourism Trip Planning


  • Waratsayaree Jirapatcharoen Faculty of Science and Technology, Shinawatra University
  • Suchai Thanawasatien Faculty of Science and Technology, Shinawatra University


information technology system, medical tourism, trip planning, coordination


This research aimed to (1) survey problems and needs coordination for requesting information from the hospital for medical tourism in Thailand, (2) develop information system to support coordination for medical tourism trip planning, and (3) evaluate the efficiency and user’s satisfaction of the developed coordination system for medical tourism trip planning. The samples under this research were coordinators and marketing officers of Praram 9 Hospital. The survey results showed that the coordination of medical tourists through multiple channels to contact the hospital, the problem is at the highest level and needs to have a system that can facilitate the coordination between medical tourists and hospitals in order to reduce such duplication at a high level. The developed coordinate system for medical tourism trip planning consisted of 14 modules (1) login/logout (2) register (3) view details (4) choose medical service (5) request proposal (6) suggest proposal (7) manage proposal (8) view profile (9) request more information (10) input information (11) obtain helps (12) manage details (13) notify activities (14) print report. It is in accordance with the process of coordinating the request for information before medical tourists will come to receive medical tourism services. The evaluation of the efficiency and user’s satisfaction of the developed system is at a high level.


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