Mobile Application for Slowing Chronic Kidney Disease Progression Based on Creer Self-management

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Chronic kidney disease is a disease caused by multifactorial factors that affect the disease progression. The multidisciplinary team must provide close care in medication, health care services, knowledge and advice to encourage patients to have self-management skills for chronic kidney disease, which will consequently improve patients’ health outcomes. It is important to support chronic kidney disease patients so they are able to manage themselves properly. Nowadays, most of the Thai population have access to smartphones and mobile applications that can be used in health care. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to present the application of the self-management of Creer to encourage chronic kidney disease patient behavior modification. The use of mobile   applications based on the concept of  Creer to help support chronic kidney disease patients with appropriate self-care behaviors will slow down the progression of kidney disease and improve quality of life.


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