Transportation System Design for Transporting Heavy and Oversize Goods

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Wanpen Pengsomboon
Sichai Thanawasien
Aekavute Sujarae


The transportation of heavy and oversized shipment, e.g. 100 tons or more, from the factory to the final destination can be a complicated task which involves a lot of planning, transporting, unloading and installing processes. One example is transporting power transformers. This research developed a new end-to-end logistics management algorithm, supporting the transportation of heavy and oversized shipments in the context of timing, location of personnel, communication and the regulations involved from the process of preparation, real-time management to the installation at the destination.  This logistic management system helps to reduce the mistakes in the preparation of all the procedures involved.  The process of planning includes the monitoring the main routes, accidents, natural disasters, traffic conditions, theft along the route, and coordination between the point of origin and destination.  In the event that the unforeseeable circumstances occurred, secondary routes will be taken.  The context will provide useful information for the shipper in decision making whether to use the original or secondary routes; and once the shipment has reached the destination, the business regulations involved during the inspection, the process of unloading shipments, the storage and the supervision of installation process according to the company standards will also be undertaken


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