The Study of Adding Fire Retardant Property in Natural Indigo Dye Fabric for Indigo Dyeing Community Enterprise

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This research was an experimental research. The objective was to study adding fire retardant properties to natural Indigo dye fabrics at the indigo dyeing community enterprise at Ban Don Koi Amphor, Phanariot, Sakon Nakhon Province. The stages of research were composed of (1) Selection of raw materials (2) Extraction of chitosan from fish scale of nile tilapia (3) Adding the fire-retardant property into indigo dye fabric (4) Testing the fire-retardant property 5) Analyzing the cost. The parameter used were the Limiting Oxygen Index: LOI based on ASTM - D2683. The research findings indicated (1) The appropriate raw material extracted from Niletilapia fish scale was chitosan extract which was available as a local waste material (2) Boiling method was used for extraction of chitosan from fish scale Nile tilapia (3) When adding of fire-retardant property, the simple method was selected. By dipping 1 %w/v chitosan solution for 30 minutes, the adsorption percentage was 1.89±0.76; this showed that this was the best process. (4) When testing fire retardant properties of indigo dye fabrics by dipping them with chitosanthe cotton fabric, it had the limited oxygen index at 19.9 and 18.5, respectively. (5) Concerning the cost analysis, the cost of adding fire retardant property was 26.41 Thai Baht per piece (0.78 m2)



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