Green Roof by using Beverage Waste (Drink Boxes) Mixed with Agricultural Residues

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Chutchatiput Dachjiramanee
Pornchai Kuntawong
Nichapha Minaboon
Tusanee Tondee


This research was carried out to develop environmentally friendly roof tiles made from used milk cartons and biomass by hot processing them without chemical additives. The biomass (such as bagasse, rice straw, and cattail) content was varied at 5%, 10%, 20% and 30% by weight. The results indicated that the roof tiles made from foil-plastic of used milk cartons mixed with biomass resulted in  the same quality tiles as commercial concrete roof tiles The water absorption of roof tiles made from used mild carton and 5 wt% of biomass (bagasse, rice straw, and cattail) was 5.87%, 5.67% and 6.23 % respectively. The performance of roof tiles made with these composites is in accordance with Thailand’s industrial standard requirements, especially the compression strength of roof tiles which was higher than 450 N in every mixing ratio. Thus, these roof tiles could be considered as an alternative building material which would also be able to reduce waste.



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