The Study of Paint with Silica Aerogel for Thermal Insulation


  • Jaran Ratanachotinun Division of Civil Engineering Technology, Faculty of Science, Chandrakasem Rajabhat University, Bangkok, 10900, Thailand
  • Pithan Pairojn Faculty of Science, Chandrakasem Rajabhat University


thermal insulation paints, silica aerogel, thermal insulation


This research aims to study the thermal insulation performance of building paints that are mixed with silica aerogels by testing them on the actual work site and comparing the thermal protection performance with the thermal insulation paint and with the typical paint that is sold in the market according to TIS. 2321-2549. The testing was conducted to explore the performance of a heat-resistant paint for all paints during that time and when the sun was not affected by  shadows.  The results showed that the paint with silica aerogels effectively reduced the temperature inside the building better than thermal insulation paints (ceramic). The typical paint and outdoor temperature are about 0.73, 0.81 and 3.58 Degree Celsius respectively and feasibility for costing and using building in Thailand which is tropical area.


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