Infectious Waste Management by Private Clinics in Maha Sarakham City Municipality

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Sapphasit Kaewhao


This research study aim to investigate management from 60 private clinics in Maha Sarakham Town Municipality. Questionnaire was a tool for data collection from samples who were personnel responsible for handling infectious wastes in private clinics, one sample for a clinic. The statistical values for analyzing the data were including mean, percentage and standard deviation. The results were as follows: (1) General data found that most of private clinics were 28 specialists medical, in addition; there were 16 general clinics, 14 dentist clinics, 10 animal hospitals, 3 medical technology clinic, 3 physical therapy clinic, and 4 nursing and midwifery clinic. Most of the clinics open between 07.00 a.m.- 08.30 a.m. , and closed between 06.00 p.m.-08.00 p.m. There were 50 clinics (64.10%) which personnel had been training of infectious wastes management. In addition, 46 clinics (58.97%) collected wastes one time per day, which the amount of wastes were less than 0.5 kg/day. 46 clinics (58.97%) managed garbage by using a garbage disposal service, and 72 clinics (92.31%) were payments for infected wastes management less than 3,000 baht per month. (2) Infectious waste management found as following: 1. Overview of collecting infectious waste, was managed at a high level (= 2.81) which most of collecting have prepared the container for disposal of infected waste, and tied it tightly. 2. Overview of transporting infectious waste, was managed at a high level (= 2.43) by moving most of capture neck of bag, lift slightly away, did not drag or carrier bags. 3. Overview of infectious waste disposal, was managed at moderate level (= 2.00).


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