Writing Recommendations on Health Policy

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Ittipol Kaewfong
Thitinut Akkadechanunt
Ananya Kooariyakul


          Thailand’s healthcare has been managed through the National Strategic Plan and then, to be practiced, it is transformed into a health policy to encourage agencies under the Ministry of Health and related ones to follow the policy to solve problems and meet public health’s need. The health policy is considered significant for driving people’s well-being and strengthening the community and the nation. Thus, all relevant organizations as well as people should be aware of and emphasize their participation in the health policy development through policy recommendations based on the former problems or policy. This includes 1) identifying and summarising the uncertainties, 2) identifying the most important uncertainties and prioritising them, 3) translating the prioritised uncertainties into research recommendations, 4) assigning ‘key priority’ status to the most important research recommendations, 5) consultation and finalising research recommendations, 6) disseminating research recommendations, and 7) reviewing research recommendations. Therefore, it can be seen that writing policy recommendations is considerably important from gathering the problems and the needs of people into a report on health policy recommendations so that the government administrator will agree and realize the importance of pushing the recommendations to be an effective policy and respond to health problems and public health’s needs.


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บทความวิชาการ (Academic article)


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