Effect of Capacity Building on Village Health Volunteers’ Knowledge and Skills in Basic Life Support

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Roshinee Oupra
Chayatida Nonmeatawat
Tip Luechai
\Waraphorn Boonyong
Paweena Yotsurin
Chonkanok hanaphakawatkul


          This mixed method research aimed to study the effect of capacity building on Village Health Volunteers’(VHV) Knowledge and Skills in Basic Life Support (BLS).The Sample were 150 VHV living in Sanphisua subdistrict Chiang Mai province. Data were collected from July 2019 to June 2020 and were categorized into two stages. First Stage, data were collected from the participants after attending the capacity building program on Village Health Volunteers’(VHV) Knowledge and Skills in Basic Life Support. Second Stage, data were collected after one month by interviewing 30 participants from first stage who were randomly selected.  General data and data regarding skills in performing basic life support were analyzed by using descriptive statistics, knowledge prior to attending the program and after attending the program was analyzed by using paired t-test and content analysis was used to analyzed the qualitative data. The results of the study revealed that the mean score of knowledge related to BLS of VHV Knowledge after participating in the program were significantly higher than before participating the program (p = .001) and all the participants passed the criteria for basic life support with good performance 12 % and very good performance 88 %.  In addition, after attending this program all the participants reported to have confident to perform BLS in future. In addition, the participant had expressed feeling of pride having ability to help to safe life of others


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