Outcome of Elderly Diabetic Patients Care in Primary Care System by “Pharmacist’s Workup of Drug Therapy (PWDT)” Process

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Thitima Tungsuay
Narawadee Niamhun
Chabaphrai Phosuya


          The objective of this study was to determine the average number of drug related problems (DRPs), clinical outcome (HbA1c and FBS) and quality of life among diabetic elderly patients at Community Health Centers before and after the use of the “Pharmacist’s Workup of Drug Therapy (PWDT)” process as a guideline for pharmaceutical care. The study design is an experimental research which was conducted at Community Health Center, Wat-Tai-Talat, Muang District, Uttaradit Province in 42 elderly diabetic patients. Patients were follow up for the period of 6 months during 4 appointments. The research found that 37 DRPs was detected according to the implementation of the PWDT process. The mean number of DRPs in the 2nd and 3rd appointment decreased from the previous appointment (P-value .001 and .02). However, the mean number of DRPs was greater in the 4th appointment compare to the 3rd appointment (P-value .002). Regarding to the clinical outcome, HbA1c was decrease by 0.019 ± 1.08 mg % (P-value .9099) but FBS in the 4th appointment were statistical significantly higher than 1st appointment 16.12 ± 37.52 mg/dl (P value 0.0004). According to the D-39 Thai version, quality of life tended to improve in all dimensions. In terms of diabetes control, quality of life was significantly improved. PWDT process is one of the tools that enable clinical pharmacists and multidisciplinary teams in the primary care setting to resolve the DRPs and to follow a clear patient care process. Moreover, the PWDT emphasized the Individualization of patient’s need and understanding which help improve the quality of life of the patient.




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