Effect of Foot Care Program with Herb to the Behavior and Numbness in Feet among Diabetic Patients in Zai-Thong Community Hospital, Kampengphet

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Tawitchaporn Honnonprai
Watoo Phrompittayarat
Thanat Kanokthet


          This research was quasi-experimental research with three-groups and pretest-posttest experimental design. The purposes for study  of foot care program with herb among diabetic patients with Diabetes Mellitus type II.By study the behavior and numbness and compare knowledge, attitude and behavior on numbness in feetin Zai-Thong community hospital.     First level diabetic patients were patients with numbness in feet, nowounds and visual analog scale the point equals to 2 , 89 cases. The sample group was selected with purposive sampling .Divide the experimental group received foot care program with herb,30 cases. The control group with warm ,31 cases. And the control group that have nursenormally , 28 cases. Care foot program with herbs,the conspiracy teaches, care foot handbook with herbs, care foot handbook with the water warms,herbs  products, analyse the data by One-Way Repeated Measures ANOVA.

          The findings indicated that 1) the experimental group received foot care program with herb usage has average score of knowledge, attitude and foot care behavior and numbness higher than pretest with statistical significance at the .05 level 2) average score attitude and behavior higher than the results of control groups with statistical significance at the .05 level 3) the experimental group with herb usage proved that numbness in feet has been decreasing after week that 4 and 12 different from week that 1 implily important statistical significant at .05 level. 4) for pair comparison, two different pairs: the group with herb usage and the group with warm water as well as the group with herb usage and the control groups. Meanwhile, no statistically significant difference was found between the group with warm water and the control group (p< .05). Summary and suggestion:foot care with herb helps decreasing numbness foot in the diabetic patients and no wounds or side effects found in patients using herbs. In a nutshell, this research encourages related person to further implement this foot care program with herbs in foot care program for diabetic patients with numbness foot in diabetic clinics.


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