Health Care Model Development for Elderly Karen Tribes in Developed Villages for Security in Border Areas According to the Royal Guidelines for His Majesty Mae Hong son Province.

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Sriwan Tawongma
Siripa Paknapa


          This research was a one-group quasi-experimental study,measured before and after,This study aimed to study the health problems of elderly Karen hill tribes. To develop a health promotion model for the elderly Karen hill tribes and evaluate the health promotion model of Karen hill tribes. Select a specific area.The sample group was elderly people aged 60 years and over. Ban Muang Noi,Pai District,Mae Hong Son Province.70 people who participated in 6 months activity during February-May 2016 received a health promotion program for the Karen hill tribes. Developed by the researcher to developed the physical and psychological problems of elderly Karen hill tribes and elderly care contexts. Guidelines for enhancing both physical and mental performance Pender,Murdaugh and Parsons Health Promotion Concepts and Factors of Good Health in Older Persons. The data was analyzed using percentage, mean, standard deviation. The frequency and percentage compared the difference, knowledge mean score and health promotion behavior 3 sides before and after the experiment in the same group, Paired Sample t’test was used. Promaoting the health of hill tribes Karen people found  that.

          1) The samples had significantly higher knowledge scores after the trial of the program .001

          2) The mean score of health behavior practice of the sample was significantly higher than before the program 001

          Therefore, the health promotion program of the Karen hill tribes. It can be applied to the elderly, hill tribes, Karen hill tribes in other areas.


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