A Development of Health Promotion Activities Model at Elderly School by Participation Process in Wangthong Sub-District, Wangthong District, Phitsanulok Province

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Pisith Duangta


          This research was  research and development  aimed to:1) Identify the problem and health promotion behavior, 2) to develop a Model of  health promotion activities at elderly school by participation process in Wangthong Sub-District, Wangthong District, Phitsanulok Province. 3) to examine the effectiveness of health promotion activities model at elderly school in Wangthong Sub-District, Wangthong Sub-District, Phitsanulok. The sample was devided according to the study phases; 1) a sample consisted of 214 elderlys.2) a sample consisted  eldery, leader, volunteer and health workers total 50 people; 3)a sample consisted  5  experts in health promotion and public health.4) a sample were 50 elderly l in Wangthong District  selected by purposive sampling. The research tools comprised: 1) guestionaires used to collect information  from  214 elderly samples.2) focus group guidelines for model development. 3) guidelines for connoisseurship towards health  promotion activities. 4) Satisfied form. Quantitative data were analyzed by descriptive statistics and paired t-tests. Qualitative data were analyzed by content analysis. The results were separated to 4 phases, phase 1 showed that hypertension and diabetes, lacke of exercise, stress  and depression were health problems for elderly. Phase 2, the model of health promotion activities comprised of the aspect health promotion activities, exercise, spiritual growth, stress management and the aspect of health responsibility more important.  Phase 3 after experts examined a model, they agree with the health promotion activities at elderly school, with a high level average score over 90 %. From the final phase, after model implementation the elderly were satisfied with the health promotion activities, with a high level average score being 4.62  (SD=.48).



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