Health Promoting Behaviors and Health Status of Construction Workers in Non-Seasonal Agricultural Laborers

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Saengdao Janda
Niramol Somtua
Juree ansuk
Keawjit Markparn
Sitanan Srijaiwong


          Thai agricultural laborers, mostly in rural non-agricultural season, are working as construction laborers. The aim of this descriptive study was to investigate potential health promoting behaviors and the health status of construction labor workers within non-seasonal agricultural labor in the Ban Kham Namphong district (Khonkaen province).  Using cluster and simple random (90) sampling, data was collected using questionnaires between the period of May-June 2015. Descriptive statistics and Chi-square were analyzed in this research. The results of this study showed that the majority of participants was male (57.80%) with their ages between 18 and 68 years old. Most of them graduated in elementary level (66.70%), 30% of them were smoking; 13.30 of alcohol consumption, 43.30% of drinking coffee, and 47.80% of consuming energy drinks. Moreover, 3.30% of participants were exercising 3.30% and 77.77% used to check up their health. Participants were wearing a protective equipment of 96.70%. 35.60% of participants were asked for medicines when they get feel unhealthy, and 42.72% purchased medicines from pharmacy shops. 76.54% were relaxed by watching the TV and 8.90% had underlying disease. The most disease that it has found from participants were diabetes mellitus and hypertension. 7.77% used to get accidence from work. They got backpain and body ache for 57.80%. The average BMI was 31.11. The associated factors related health were 1) health promotion include exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption, drinking coffee, consuming energy drinks, self-care for minor illnesses, self-care for severe illnesses, relaxing associate with health conditions. 2) Relaxing, it was associated with accidence at work. 3) exercising, it was associated between energy drink and body ache. 4) a protective equipment was significantly associated to skin and eyes irritation. Therefore, the results of this study can guide for health promotion and prevention for agricultural laborers in non-agricultural season.


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