Correlational between Personal Factors and Health Literacy On Health Status among Buddhist Monk at Ongkharak District, Nakhorn Nayok Province

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Khanitta Wisitcharoen
Kamonwan Akarakpongsakorn
Jaruwan Taitao
Nattharinee Pksee
Nattamon Ngoenlun
Parichart Pontong
Manisa Srichan
Sasivimol Pises
Sumonlrat Vinijjariyawat
Inthira Buthawises


          Descriptive correlational research aimed to identify health literacy that can forecast health status among Buddhist monks in Ongkharak District, Nakhon Nayok Province. The samples consisted of 223 Buddhist monks who registered with Nakhon Nayok Provincial Office of Buddhism. The instrument is Thai Health Literacy Scales with the reliability of .96. Data collection was conducted from October to December, 2018. Statistics used for data analysis included descriptive statistic and Chi-square test.

          The research results revealed that 1) the overall mean score of health literacy is moderate level ( X= 157.91, SD = 31.706) 2) personal factor included age was associated with diastolic blood pressure (c2 = 13.427, p = .009)   educational level was associated with diastolic blood pressure (c2  = 14.983, p = .020), chronic disease was associated with body mass index (c2 = 7.914, p = .019) and chronic disease was associated with waist circumference (p = .035). However, all of the dimensions of health literacy were not associated with health status among Buddhist monks.

          Based on the results of the study, better health literacy is a necessity for behavioral change among Buddhist monks in order to enhance their health condition. Health literacy will provide Buddhist monks with the ability to access information and to have a better understanding of the data, which will allow monks to analyze the information accurately.



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