Factors Predicting Resilience in Nursing Students of Boromarajonani Nursing College, Uttaradit

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          This predictive correlation research aimed to examine factors predicting resilience among nursing students at Boromarajonani Nursing College, Uttaradit. A total of 232 undergraduate nursing students were recruited. A data was collected using the following questionnaires: 1) the demographic data 2) the resilience inventory 3) the Thai-stress test and 4) the peer relationship questionnaire. Data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics and stepwise multiple regression. The results revealed that the peer relationship, stress, and income could jointly explain 37.3 percentages of the variance of resilience in undergraduate nursing students (p < .01). For each of factors was statistically significant as follows: the peer relationship (β = .537, p < .01), stress (β = -.191, p < .01) and income (β = .146, p < .01). The equation of predictor was presented below : Z(resilience)= .537Z peer relationship) - .191Z (stress) + .146Z (income)


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