The Suffering-Happiness of the Elderly who depend on Families: A Qualitative Study in Northern Socio-Cultural Context of Thailand

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Thawan Nieamsup
Budsarin Padwang
Darunee Jongudomkarn


          The study aims to describe meaning and potential factors related to sense of suffering and happiness of elderly people in the broader of social-cultural context using ethnographic approach.  27 elderly individuals with depending on and had direct experience in caring for family members who had chronic illness in the Northern area of Thailand are selected. Data are gathered from participants observation, in-depth interviews, focus groups, documents, and field notes.  Methodological rigor of content and data analysis consists of a triangulation and member checks to verify adequate and valid data collected. 

          Two key issues describe cultural and patient preferences including; 1) participant suffering and happiness, and 2) relevant factors related to suffering and happiness. Findings of current study provide rich and useful information that is valuable in developing proposal and healthcare system in order to holistically support elderly people’s quality of life


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บทความวิจัย (Research articles)


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