Solid Waste Management of Karen Hilltribe Communities in the Village Area for Security and Border Guard Villages Chiangmai

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Sriwan Tawongma
Phatana Samati


          The highland community is home to many tribal populations.  Such as Karen, Hmong, Yahu, Mien, Hu, Lisu, and minority groups.  Due to the diverse population, it affects the quality of life of people living in the highlands, especially environmental health problems. Problems found in most highland communities  are waste management problems, problems on sanitation, environment, households, problems of water shortage for agriculture. Consumption and consumption Degraded soil, water pollution, unsafe production of highland products. National Health Center Marginalized and migrant workers Is an agency under the Bureau of Health Reproductive, Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health. Who runs a waste management project of the Karen hill tribe communities in the Ban Pattana village. For security and border guards Chiang Mai Province. For the highland people in the highlands to have proper disposal of garbage in order to have good health and environmental health.This article about Solid waste management of Karen hilltribe communities in the village area. For security and border guard villages Chiangmai . The project is a successful project and results in the community that operates the project. (Ban Nam community) received awards and recognition as a model for waste management at the sub-district level.


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บทความวิชาการ (Academic article)


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