Factors Influencing Cultural Competency of Professional Nurses in Phrae Hospital

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Yosita Jaradrattanapaiboon
Laddawan Daengthern
Taweesak Siripornpibul


          The purposes of descriptive research were; 1) to study the factors associated with cultural competency of professional nurse in Phrae Hospital. The samples consisted of 226 professional nurses in Phrae Hospital. The questionnaire consisted of the factors associated with cultural competency of professional nurse and cultural competency of professional nurse. All data were analyzed by both descriptive statistics (percentage, mean and standard deviation) and multiple regression analysis.

          The research findings were as follows: 1) The cultural competency of professional nurse in Phrae Hospital was at high level ( X  = 3.76, SD = .51) 2) the cultural competency of professional nurses in Phrae Hospital was significantly influenced by the ethnohistory including language aspect, political and legal aspect, kinship and social aspect, and environmental context (R2 = .572, p< .01). This study suggested that administrators should provide policies or guidelines in promoting knowledge and understanding about ethnohistory for professional nurses and an interpreter for translating local languages, and promote professional nurses learning in various languages ​​such as English, Burmese, or tribal languages ​​etc. In addition, a place or small corners for religious activities and different sign languages should be established for effective communication between nurses and patients


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