The Factor Affecting of Steroid Inhaler Use Behavior for Asthma Patients in Saingam Hospital, Kamphaeng Province

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Salee Throsuwan
Watoo Phrompittayarat


          Asthma is an abnormal condition of the chronic respiratory system that affects And the cause of death. This purposes of this survey research was to study the Factor Affecting  of Steroid Inhaler use Behavior for Asthma Patients in Saingam Hospital, Kamphaeng Province. There were 143 Asthma Patients. The samples were selected by systematic random sampling.Analyzed by using descriptive statistics and multiple regression analysis. The results that 81.1% of Asthma Patients had minimum level of Steroid Inhaler use Behavior. The Factor Affecting of Steroid Inhaler use Behavior as follows: 1) knowledge (p-value< .001)  2) perceived severity (p-value < .05) 3) perceived barriers (p-value < .05) และ 4) marital status (p-value < .05). Four factor affecting had predictive value of 23.0% (R2 = 0.230, F = 29.487, p-value < .05). Suggestion that increase the level of Steroid Inhaler use Behavior for Asthma Patients, by focusing on the development of knowledge on use steroid inhaler effectively and support perceived severity, perceived barriers to promote use steroid inhaler for Asthma Patients correctly


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