Depression and Quality of life among elderly Living in Muang NakhonSawan Province.

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          The purpose of this study was to determine a depression condition and quality of life among older people living in Muang district, Nakhonsawan province. Purposive sampling was used to recruit a sample into this study, followed the inclusion criteria. A total of 265 older people was recruited. The quality of life and depression status was evaluated using WHOQOL-BREF-THAI and 9Q, respectively. A descriptive analysis was used to summarize the demographic data, and Pearson’s product monument correlation was used to determine the relationship between depression status and quality of life.

          Older people were a risk to be a depression of up to 3.58%. Score in the WHOQOL-BREF-THAI showed that the total mean score of quality of life was moderate at 2.49 SD = .52. In addition, the depression levels were a correlation with total quality of life (r = -.40), in the domain of Psychological was found a strong correlation with the depression levels and the domain of social relationships were found a low correlation with depression (r = -.27). The age and marital status were statistically significant with quality of life at .05.

          This study confirmed that the psychological among older people should be implemented by co-operating with their family and community for improving the psychological aspect. In addition, the multi-disciplinary team should be implemented to improve depression status.


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