Synthesis of Researches: Boromarajonnani College of Nursing, Uttaradit

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          The purpose of this research was to synthesis the research studies of instructors’ Boromarajonnani college of nursing Uttaradit. The samples were selected purposive sampling 131 research studies during 1997-2016. Data was analyzed by using descriptive and content analysis.  The findings 1) Overall, the majority of researches was published in 2012 (18.32%). Researches were published in proceeding at the national conference (32.88%) and Thai journal (28.08%). Most of funding was supported by the college (88.44%). The ratio between research project and instructors was 1:4. 2) The methodological analysis: most of research design was descriptive research (63.36%) and the second was quasi experimental research (15.27%). The most of researches’ objective were to describe (47.33%). The majority of researches’ setting were community (48.50%), Institutional research (22.14%), and educational research (16.03%).There was 44 researches of health promotion and prevention. Most of sample group of researches were the nursing students (35.21%) and used of purposive sampling (45.04%). The researches had the measurement quality test (78.63%) and analyzed data by using descriptive statistic (65.80%). 3) Content analysis found that 3.1) curriculum and instruction: Active learning, 3.2) Developmental students and graduate characteristics: Nursing ethical decision-making abilities and good attitude of nurse 3.3) Health and Health behaviors: Health promotion 3.4) Institutional research: research to evaluation, and 3.5) Human resource development: Facilitator development. 


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บทความวิจัย (Research articles)


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