Development of Community-Based Health Promotion Model for Karen ethnic elderly at risk of hypertension, Sirm-ngarm District, Lampang Province

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          The aim of this research and development (R&D) project was to develop a community-based health promotion model for Karen ethnic elderly at risk of hypertension, Sirm-Ngarm District, Lampang province. The development process was composed of 3 phases: Phase 1: Problem identification; Phase 2: Model development and implementation; Phase 3: Model evaluation. Data was collected through questionnaires and in-depth Interview. The study was undertaken during June 7th – December 10th, 2017. Descriptive analysis, Chi-square test, Pearson’s correlation coefficient and Paired t-test were used for quantitative data analysis. Content analysis was used for analyzing qualitative data.

           The result showed that 41.9% of Karen ethnic elderly were at risk of developing hypertension, 20.3% were overweight, 94.6% did not exercise properly, 91.8% did not manage stress appropriately, 86.5% engaged in inappropriate food and diet behaviours, and 93.2% had poor knowledge about hypertension. The health promotion model for Karen elderly at risk of hypertension involved the process of stakeholder participative planning and implementation through appreciation influence control or AIC techniques with 40 Karen elderly people at risk of hypertension. After participation in the health promotion model, the Karen elderly participants had significantly higher knowledge about hypertension (p <.001) and demonstrated significantly better behaviours concerning food and diet, exercise and stress management (p <.001). This community-based health promotion model seemed to be effective in improving knowledge and health promoting behaviours among Karen elderly at risk of hypertension and may be applied with Karen elderly at risk of hypertension in other settings with similar contexts.


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