Experience of Being a Grandmother in Family with a Daughter as Adolescent Mother

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          Grandmother in family with daughter as adolescent mother have many problems, including role transition, confrontation with cultural values and social norms in negative aspect.This descriptive qualitative research was aimed to describe experiences of women to become a grandmother in the family with an adolescent mother.Purposive sampling was used to recruit a sample of 15 women being a grandmother who have an adolescent mother in their family in the Central Region with their 12 months old baby or younger.The grandmothers must raising or participate in caring for their grandchildren since the baby was borned. Data were collected by using In-depth interview and non participating observations were used to collected data. Content analysis method was applied for data analysis.

          The results revealed three core categories: one positive and two negative themes. The positive core category was overcome the problem consisting of four subcategories of a valuable experience, family learning, remedies for what happened, and a more mature teenage mother. Two of negative themes were 1) the family's stigma containing three subcategories of karma (Vein-Kham), must endure the eyes of  contempt, painful feeling when asked; and 2) Everything needs to be adjusting of two subcategories of changing to extend family and increase family expenses.

          Perceptions of being a grandmother as a parent, in the context and values of Thai society, have positive and negative aspects. Therefore, supportive system for women with teenage mother need  in order to encourage Thai families to be effectively in raising their children.


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