The Effects of Preparatory Program for Self-care Deficit Elderly Patients in Daily Activities at Uttaradit Hospital

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          This research is a repeated semi-experimental two-grouped study aiming to examine the preparatory program for self-care deficit elderly patients in daily activities at Uttaradit Hospital. The samples of this study were the elderly patients of the male medical ward 2 at Uttaradit Hospital who had ADL scores between 5-11 points and were divided into two groups; the controlled and experimental ones .  The controlled group referred to those who received medical treatment in the zone A, while the experimental group referred to those in the zone B. Each group contained 35 elderly patients. The controlled group received regular care, and the experimental received the preparatory program for self-care deficit elderly patients in daily activities which was developed by the researcher and adopted  from the Self-care Theory by Orem (2001). The preparatory program was checked for content validity and approved by three experts with item objective congruence (IOC) of .89. The data collection was carried out with personal information questionnaires before and after the experiments. Moreover, evaluation test on daily activities performance ( Barthel Activities of Daily Living: ADL ) was also applied with Cronbach’s Alpha Coefficient of .88. The statistic analysis was calculated with paired sample t-test and independent sample t-test. The findings revealed that

          1) the experimental group had higher average scores in practice of daily activities than before receiving the preparatory program with the statistic significance at .01, and

          2) the average scores in performance of daily activities of the experimental group after the study was higher than the controlled group with the statistic significance at .01.


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