Factors Related with Smoking Behaviors of Youth at Uttaradit

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ศศิธร ชิดนายี
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          This cross sectional research was to study smoking behaviors and factors relating smoking of youth at Uttaradit. Samples were 898 students from high school and vocational certificate in Uttaradit. Data were collected by using smoking behaviors questionnaire and were analyzed by using descriptive statistic and Chi-square. The result: The prevalence of smoking in adolescent was 12.25 percent, males 10.03%, females 2.79%. The percentage of sample used to smoking was 38.08 percent because they want to try it (26.39%). The mean age of smoking subjects was 13.43 yrs (SD=2.22) .The cost of smoking per month was 309.08 Baths (SD=4.77). Most of them smoked at home (48.78%) and older sibling smoking (36.08%). The factors related with smoking behaviors were gender, age, level of education, location of school, persuade from close friend who smoke, and stay among smoker. These factors had statistic significantly relationship with smoking behaviors (p<.05).



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