The screening of adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and related factors in the first-year students at Prince of Songkla University

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Temhathai Nakthewan, M.D.
Jaturaporn Sangkool, M.D.


Objective: This study aims to screen attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults, and to study the relationship between personal factors and internet use problems with ADHD in first year’s students, of the 2018 academic year, at the Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai Campus.

Methods: This was a cross-sectional study of random sample of all 1st year students at Prince of Songkla University. The participants were interviewed with 2 instruments, the adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder self-report scale screener version 1.1 (ASRS Screener V1.1), Thai version, and the internet addiction test. Data was analyzed using descriptive, Chi-square and logistic regression statistics.

Results: Of the 1,653 participants, 85.7 % agreed to be interviewed. Of the total samples, 69.9 % were female and, 90.0 % had never been diagnosed with ADHD in their childhood, 73.2 % never had any traffic violation history, 82.9 % never had any accident, 81.9 % never drank alcohol and   90.7 % never had internet addiction behavior. 14.8 % of the participants were screened positive for ADHD. After adjusting for the diagnosis of ADHD and its treatment, possible factors associating with ADHD were traffic violation histories (P=0.01) and internet addiction behavior (P <0.01).

Conclusion: The positive screening of adult ADHD in first year’s students at Prince of Songkla University in 2018 was 14.8 %. Traffic violation history and internet addiction behavior were possible factors associated with adult ADHD in this sample.


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