Feasibility study of clinical practice guideline for adolescents with depression in community at district level: A pilot study

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Wireeon Joomprabutra, M.D.
Chosita Pavasutthipaisit, M.D.


Objectives: To study the feasibility of clinical practice guideline (CPG) for adolescents with depression and related factors affecting its usage at Loeng Nok Tha District, Yasothorn Province.

Methods: This is a qualitative study conducted in the selective community based on community-based participatory research. The participants were trained and brain storm discussion on using the CPG. The qualitative data were collected from both primary and secondary sources after applying the CPG for 6 months. The primary data were obtained through focus-group discussions and in-depth interviews with the participants while the secondary data were gathered from observation, published reports, and governmental documents. The data were analyzed using content analysis, and the socio-demographic data were presented using descriptive statistics.

Results: Overall, the 47 participants consisted of education and health personnel in the district. All applied the CPG to develop steps processes for the at risk or depressed adolescent from schools to hospitals. The related factors affecting the CPG implementation were the awareness of the importance of depression screening in youths, the local collaboration between schools and health services and the practical integration of CPG with the existing students’ care system. 

Conclusion: The CPG is practical for helping the adolescents with depression and can be applied in community with community participation, however the local context should be considered for the adaptation as appropriate.


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