Operational effectiveness of super-rider volunteers in a home care system for COVID-19 patients with telehealth at a health facility in Bangkok

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Suttisa Chanpeng
Yameela Maimard
Nuenghathai Boonlue
Poungtip Butrak
Supintong Sangsuwan
Sujitraporn Faungprachakorn
Suwanna Petto
Kaewalee Soontornmon
Poramate Insook
Sirinapha Jittimanee


COVID-19, a communicable respiratory disease, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, was a pandemic and public health emergency of international concern. In Thailand, there were several waves of community-level outbreaks. The most severe situation was the outbreak during April - August 2021. The case report in mid-August found over 20,000 new patients and over 300 deaths per day. A raised number of patients who needed hospitalization was higher than the capacity of the public health system. Therefore, treating COVID-19 at home (Home Isolation) had been used to optimize medical resources. The Institute for Urban Disease Control and Prevention (IUDC), Department of Disease Control, set up a home care system for COVID-19 patients with telehealth in Bangkok. Super-rider volunteers were volunteers in a home care system for COVID-19 patients of IUDC. They delivered boxes of medications and medical equipment to the patient's home and specimens to the lUDC laboratory unit on their motorcycles within a short time. This study aimed to evaluate the operational procedures, workloads, and effectiveness of super-rider volunteers. The retrospective study was conducted by analyzing data collected between July 28 and November 1, 2021. This study recruited 38 super-rider volunteers who completed 961 missions. Line application had been used for assigning and reporting task performances. The type of tasks was mostly delivering medications and medical equipment to patients’ home (82.41 %). The destination area was mostly Bangkok (90.11 %). The operational effectiveness was mostly “pass” (85.43 %) and the mean+ SD was 3.84+0.46. The results of this study are beneficial for public health service units in Bangkok or other urban areas. Involving volunteers were effective in supporting the logistic system of home care with telehealth in a community, especially in a public health emergency when human resources are urgently needed. However, a public health service unit should provide a system for recording, tracking, and evaluating the performance of the volunteers to optimize effective management and show the value of volunteer work.

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Chanpeng S, Maimard Y, Boonlue N, Butrak P, Sangsuwan S, Faungprachakorn S, Petto S, Soontornmon K, Insook P, Jittimanee S. Operational effectiveness of super-rider volunteers in a home care system for COVID-19 patients with telehealth at a health facility in Bangkok. IUDCJ [Internet]. 2023 Dec. 19 [cited 2024 May 27];8(2):49-66. Available from: https://he01.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/iudcJ/article/view/264442
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