A Comparison of 1-year mortality rate and Postoperative complications in elderly patients with fragility hip fracture between before and after 72-hour waiting time for surgery group at Chaophrayayommarat hospital: retrospective cohort study


  • ยศ เขียวอมร โรงพยาบาลเจ้าพระยายมราช สุพรรณบุรี


fragility hip fracture, waiting time to surgery, postoperative complication, 1-year mortality


A Comparison of 1-Year Mortality Rate and Postoperative Complications in Elderly Patients with Fragility Hip Fracture between Before and After 72-Hour Waiting Time for Surgery Groups at Chaophrayayommarat Hospital: Retrospective Cohort Study

                                                Yos khiewamorn

  Doctor Professional level, division of medical service, Chaophrayayomarat Hospital, Suphanburi



Background: Fragility hip fracture in the elderly is a serious public health problem and is increasingly common today. Hip surgery results in a better quality of life for patients and a reduction in first-year mortality compare to no surgery. The appropriate waiting time for surgery is unclear and controversial today.

Objective: To compare first-year mortality and postoperative complications among fragility hip fracture patients who underwent surgery before and after 72 hours at Chaophrayayomrat hospital.

Methods: In this retrospective cohort analytic study, patients 60 years of age or older who sustained fragility hip fracture and underwent surgery in Choaprayayommarat hospital were studied between October 2017 and September 2020. Data were collected from hospital medical records and tracking death for one year after hospital discharge. The 260 patients were divided into 130 patients who operated within and after 72 hours each. Data were analyzed using SPSS version 26. Data differences were compared using Chi-square test.

 Results: Patient characteristics, including gender, age interval, underlying disease, type of fracture, ASA classification, type of surgery were not different between the groups who underwent surgery before and after 72 hours. A first-year comparison of mortality rates between the surgery groups before and after 72 hours showed no difference (6.1% and 10.7, P=.18). The postoperative complications were found to be different, with postoperative complications before and after 72 hours being 7.6% and 21.5% (p=.002). It was also found that the incidence of pressure ulcers of patients undergoing surgery after 72 hours was 7.7%, higher than 2.3% of  the patients who undergoing surgery before 72 hours (p=.046). There were no differences in other postoperative complications, including anemia requiring blood transfusion, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, heart failure.

Conclusion: There was no different in first-year mortality between the groups waiting time to surgery before and after 72 hours. Patients undergoing surgery 72 hours after surgery were more likely to develop postoperative complications and pressure ulcers.

Keywords: fragility hip fracture, waiting time to surgery, postoperative complication, 1-year mortality



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