Effectiveness of cold compression on AVF cannulation pain in endstage kidney patients among hemodialysis at damneonsaduak hospital


  • จันทรา เริ่มเสริมสุข หน่วยไตเทียม โรงพยาบาลดำเนินสะดวก


Effectiveness, Cold compression, AVF cannulation Pain, Endstage kidney patients among hemodialysis


This study was pre- experimental research, designed as a one group pretest - posttest. The objective was to compare the level of pain score from AVF cannulation between patients who received cold compression before AVF cannulation and those who did not. The participants were 30 end-stage renal disease patients on receiving hemodialysis by using arteriovenous fistula at Damnoensaduak Hospital, Ratchaburi. The data were collected by personal data and subjective pain scoring was done by using numeric rating scale. Descriptive statistics and pair t-test were used.

The study finding reveals that the level of pain scored in the participants who received cold compression before AVF cannulation was mild level ( gif.latex?\bar{x} 3.08), whereas the level of pain for those who did not received cold compression before AVF cannulation was moderate level ( gif.latex?\bar{x}5.31). The results show that the participants, who received cold compression reported to experience statistically and significantly lower pain levels than those who did not receive cold compressed at p<.05.

In conclusion,  this study supports the theory of  cold compression to reduce the pain. Health care provider should provide cold compression before  AVF cannulation to reduced suffering due to the pain. The cold compression, hence, is within the nurse’s area of authority which is also simple to carry out, safe, as well as cost-effective.

Keyword: Effectiveness of Cold Compression, Pain from AVF Cannulation, End-Stage Renal                Disease Patients on Receiving  Hemodialysis



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