A Case Report of Meckel’s diverticulitis in rural hospital


  • สมพงษ์ หาญณรงค์ชัย นายแพทย์เชี่ยวชาญด้านศัลยกรรม


Meckel’s diverticulitis, acute appendicitis, rural hospital


A case report of foreigner male, aged 51 years, entered the hospital with right lower quadrant pain for 1 day, nausea and vomiting. He was diagnosed as acute appendicitis. Operation was performed and finding normal appendix but there was inflammatory diverticulum about 3 x 1.5 centimeter at terminal ileum and adjacent from ileocecal valve about 2 feet placed antemesenteric side. Meckel’s diverticulum was resected with primary closure tangentially and appendectomy was done. The pathology report showed acute serosal inflammation consisted with Meckel’s diverticulitis. The patient recovered without complication and was discharged from hospital 3 days later. In rural hospital which developed to operation of appendicitis, you must be careful of Meckel’s diverticulitis because they are often indistinguishable from acute appendicitis until visualization in the operating room


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