Effects of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Exercise Program "Wanpen Model" to develop a rehabilitation program for COPD stage 2 - 4 class C, D in Hua Hin Hospital


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pulmonary rehabilitation program, “Wanpen model”, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Pulmonary rehabilitation


Background: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients Hua Hin Hospital stage 2 - 4 class C, D Usually suffers from fatigue, thinness, chest tightness, lack of elasticity. And weakness of the muscles, arms and legs can not carry out the routine like normal people. The hospital has developed a rehabilitation program for COPD stage 2 - 4 class C, D patients in a specific form called "Wanpen model" and want to study the effect of this program. Method : This experimental research aimed to compare the effects of pulmonary function, FEV1 / FVC%, FEV1%, FVC%, 6 minute travel distance, chest expansion., Resting fatigue, Post - Exercise fatigue, tiredness in daily activities Impact of COPD on well - being Daily routines and Stress levels of COPD stage 2 - 4 class C, D patients admitted to Hua Hin Hospital Before and After Exercise Pulmonary Rehabilitation "Wanpen model" The sample consisted of 13 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at grade 2 - 4 class C, D from the Outpatient clinic of obstructive pulmonary disease Hua Hin Hospital. Data were analyzed by descriptive statistics and paired t - test. Result : 1. Upper thoracic expansion and the lower level after exercise, pulmonary rehabilitation. There were statistically significant differences at p<0.05, with the upper and lower chest enlargement after training (xˉ=4.46 and 5.00), higher than before training (xˉ=2.69 and 2.38). 2. The impact of emphysema on well-being For daily activities (CAT score) after exercise, pulmonary rehabilitation. There was a statistically significant difference at p <0.05 after training (xˉ=1.307), lower than before training (xˉ=1.6154). 3. Lung function (mMrc score) is different. After the training (xˉ=1.62) was lower than before training (xˉ=2.92) and 4. Post-Exercise stress level There was a statistically significant difference at p<0.05 after training (xˉ=1.07), lower than before training (xˉ=2.00). FEV1 / FVC% FEV1% FVC% Traveling distance 6 minutes. Fatigue after exercise After recovery, there was no significant difference at p<0.05. Conclusion : Pulmonary Rehabilitation Exercise Program "Wanpen model" can increase the expansion of the upper and lower thoracic cavity, the tiredness in the daily activities. Impact of emphysema on the well - being of daily activities. And the stress level dropped. Statistically significant In patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease stage 2 - 4 class C, D class C, D, who were admitted to Hua Hin Hospital.


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