Development of prevention for hypotension after blood donation.


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Development, prevention, hypotension, blood donation


Research; Development of prevention for hypotension after blood donation. The purpose is to develop a prevention approach to hypotension after blood donation. And a study the effect of using the developed approach. By Research and Development by qualitative data collection. The research process consists of 1) Develop quidlines for preventing neonatal hypotension after blood donation. 2) Evaluation quidlines for preventing neonatal hypotension after blood donation developed.. The research group has studies. Clients and service providers for blood donation in support of both public and private, with 28 groups of 114, To collect data using a focus group to observe, The use of a medical device to measure blood pressure before and after hypotension after blood donation. Percentage is the statistic. Used to analyze the data using qualitative content analysis. The research found that: 1) Approach the prevent hypotension after blood donation. By providing a blood donor. To drinking 2 – 3 glasses of water before donating blood. And the blood after a meal at least 30 minutes. 2) Results of the guidelines prevent hypotension later found that the number of blood donors. Blood donation mobile unit 28 units of blood donors who donate blood every three months the number 114 after leading approach to prevent hypotension and then not find a donor with acute hypotension after blood donation. The blood bag was full of quality at the right time 4 – 15 minutes can lead to better blood component separation efficiency. Recommended to water in full flow with the blood bags in less than four minutes to wind should stay longer.


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