The Relationship between Social Support and Stress of Caregivers Caring for Patients with Schizophrenia

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Lunchana Phimphanchaiyaboon
Suparun Phasuk
Nuruemol Angsirisak
Natamon Boonlom
Susaree Prakhinkit


Introduction: The mental health of psychiatric patients’ caregivers is particularly important in high-risk groups. Educating and enhancing coping skills can help reduce depression and anxiety in these caregivers. Research objectives: The study aimed to investigate the stress of caregivers caring for patients with schizophrenia. The stress theory of Lazarus and Folkman was employed as the conceptual framework of this study. Research methodology: This research was descriptive research. The study sample consisted of 93 family caregivers of patients with schizophrenia. The data were collected for a period of three months. This research collected personal data information, stress information, and social support information. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and correlation analyzed using Pearson's s Correlation Coefficient. Results: The study findings revealed that the stress level of caregivers was at a moderate level 59.60 % (x ̅ = 30.11, SD = 18.80). The caregivers were supported moderately for social support for information (x ̅ = 2.47, SD = 0.52) and comparative and valued measure (x ̅ = 2.37, SD = 0.51) accordingly. The social support for emotional and comparative and valued measures had negatively correlated with the stress of caregivers (r = - 0.347, - 0.320, respectively) statistically significant at .05 Conclusion: In order to reduce uncertainty, anxiety, stress, hopelessness, and depression, social group emotional support is required. Emotional support can take the form of sharing one's thoughts or experiences, expressing concern, offering encouragement, and even distracting oneself.Compare your feedback to that of others help a person feel welcomed by others and perceive their own worth Implications: The results from the research can be used as basic information for the performance of community nurses in the care of schizophrenic patients. And can be developed as a stress-relieving program for schizophrenic caregivers.


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Phimphanchaiyaboon, L., Phasuk, S., Angsirisak, N., Boonlom, N., & Prakhinkit, S. (2021). The Relationship between Social Support and Stress of Caregivers Caring for Patients with Schizophrenia. ournal of ealth and ursing esearch (Journal of oromarajonani ollege of ursing, angkok), 37(2), 263-273. etrieved from
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