Health Literacy of School-Age Pregnancy Prevention and Sexual Intercourse among High School Students in Khon Kaen Province


  • Saowaluk Seedaket
  • Tepthai Chotchai Sirindhorn College of Public Health, Khon Kaen Province, Thailand


health literacy, pregnancy prevention, sexual intercourse, high school students


Introduction: The situation of school-age pregnancy tends to increase every year for prevent such problems, one important approach is health literacy. Research objectives: This study initiates health literacy in school-age pregnancy prevention and sexual intercourse and factors associated with health literacy in school-age pregnancy prevention among high school students in Khon Kaen province. Research methodology: This cross-sectional study had 235 students and was sampled using stratification, data were collected using a questionnaire. The questionnaire was content-validated with an IOC between 0.67-1.00 and a reliability was 0.86 analysing data with a computer programme, statistics presented with percentage, mean, standard deviation, minimum, and maximum, including the Pearson correlation coefficient, and Spearman rank correlation coefficient. Results: The majority of students had low level of knowledge about the pregnancy prevention by 53.6%, followed by moderate level 41.7% and high level 4.7%. A 17.9% of student had had sex for the first time, and 38.1% had first sex at the age of 16, with the lowest first sex age of 12 years. There was an 88.1 % of student protecting themselves against sexually transmitted Infections and pregnancy. It also found that they had been infected with a sexually transmitted disease by 7.1 percent. The factors related to health literacy in preventing school-age pregnancy showed that the comfort in communicating about sex with parents was moderately correlated with the knowledge of sex prevention of school-age pregnancy with statistically significant (rxy = 0.513, p-value =.003). Student pregnancy prevention attitudes were moderately positively correlated with health literacy in school-age pregnancy prevention (rxy = 0.451, p-value = .007). The academic achievement was also moderately correlated with health literacy with significantly (rxy = 0.421, p-value = .008). Conclusions: Health literacy in school-age pregnancy prevention and sexual intercourse was essential in enhancing health proficiency for high school students, accessing to information, services and media literacy. Implications: The authority should encourage adolescents in their school-age knowledge of their health to prevent pregnancy. Attitudes toward contraception should be emphasized along with the promotion of communication skills about pregnancy prevention between parents and adolescent student, especially in groups with low academic achievement.


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