Factors relating Stress and Stress Coping Caregivers of People with Schizophrenia in Urban Family


  • Susaree Prakhinkit Faculty of Nursing, Siam University
  • Nutamon Boonlom Faculty of Nursing, Siam University
  • Lunchana Phimphanchaiyaboon Faculty of Nursing, Siam University, Bangkok
  • Naruemol Angsirisak Faculty of Nursing, Siam University, Bangkok
  • Suparun Phasuk Faculty of Nursing, Siam University
  • Rosaya Yuwapornpanit Public Health Service Center 36


stress, coping stress, schizophrenia, caregiver



          Introduction: Schizophrenia is a common chronic psychiatric disorder affecting many people in the community. It affects family, especially caregivers who are constantly exposed to changing symptoms of the patient causing stress

         Research objectives: The study aimed to investigate factors related to stress and coping strategies among caregivers of people with schizophreniain urban family.

         Research methodology: This study used a descriptive design. By using Yamane’s formula of sample size with a confidence coefficient of 95%  and population of 120,  the sample size required for this study needed to be 93 caregivers.  Data collection lasted for three months. I Instruments were  a socio-demographic description of the family,  the clinical status of the patient, the Suanprung Stress Test-20, and the Jalowiec Coping Scale.  Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, and correlation was analyzed using the Pearson's Correlation Coefficient.

         Results: Results showed that the stress level of caregivers was at moderate level (59.6%). Problem alleviation coping strategies were used; most of them were for coping with stress (62.8%).  Regarding patient factors, the clinical status of patient changes had positively significant associated with stress and problem alleviation coping strategies (p=.05). However, socio-demographic description of caregiver factors was not associated with stress.  Age, and relationship with the patient were positively significantly associated with problem confrontation and problem alleviation coping strategies (p=.05).

         Conclusions: The clinical status of patient changes was positively correlated to stress and coping strategies of caregivers.

          Implications: Mental healthcare of caregivers of schizophrenia patients should be  individually promoted  using coping skills with appropriate stress.  Support and assistance should be provided according to caregivers’ needs.



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