Transcultural Care by Aging Center in Camillo Foundation of Thailand


  • Phagapun Boontem Faculty of Nursing, Srinakharinwirot University
  • Jaruwan Phaitrakul Faculty of Nursing, Srinakharinwirot University
  • Preeda Wiengchai Camillian Social Center


Transcultural Care, Caring, Aging Population




 Older population has grown rapidly because of the progressive and medical technological advancements.  It can  mostly affect the growing of the aging care centers.  Among these centers, the  Camillian social center in the Saint Camillus Foundation of Thailand is the center caring for the miserable aging in every religion, according to the purpose of the Camillus which provide caring for people with love and serve.

Objective: To analyze the caring for aging

Key Issues: From the analysis of sunrise model (Leininger) along with caring of this center, the result revealed that caring for aging in this center was the holistic care (physical, mental, social, spiritual and spiritual). The physical care focused on physical activity and nutrition, care, and cure by caregivers who took turn in 24 hours to care for the elderly according to elderly’s need.  In term of mental health, there was a caregiver to nicely communicate with the elderly. Regarding social activity, there was a recreational activities for the elderly once a week.

Regarding spiritual care, the activities would be provided according to each religion such as offering alms to monks, the morning ceremony of thanksgiving (missa), and the activity of each religion according to elderly’s need. When elderly people had the severe illness and had been admitted in the hospital or stayed at the center with nurses who care for them, they would receive the pray from the priest which is the belief of the Camillus. This caring pattern was relevant to the concept of transcultural nursing care.   

Conclusion: The transcultural care of this center concerns about the diverse cultures and supports the principle of holistic care leading to transcultural care.

Implications: The transcultural care is relevant to need of caring in aging.


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