The Effect of a Coping Enhancing Program among Diabetic Elderlies


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diabetes mellitus, coping, stress, coping theory


      This quasi-experimental study, a two group pretest-posttest design, aimed to examine the effect of a coping enhancing program among diabetic elderly population in Amphoe Phrai Bueng, Sisaket Province. The samples were 60 elderly people with diabetes aged 60 to 79 years who had medium stress and over. They were equally divided using simple random sampling into an experimental group and a control group. The experimental group received the 5-week coping enhancing program, developed according to Lazarus and Folkman model, whereas the control group received the standard service. Data were collected using interview prior to the intervention and at the end of the fifth week. A questionnaire was used before and after the intervention. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics (percentage, mean, and standard deviation), chi-square, independent t-test, and paired t- test.

      The findings illustrated that mean scores of stress among the participants in the experimental group decreased and were significantly lower than the control group (p<.001). In addition, mean scores of the ability in coping with stress among the participants in the experimental group increased and were significantly higher than the control group (p<.05). In conclusion, this coping enhancing program improved coping ability as well as level of stress among elderly people with diabetes. Therefore, community nurse practitioners could apply this program in taking care of chronic patients in other communities.


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